Love is the SOULution
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Love Is Your Super Power

bold love mindful living money mindset Mar 15, 2021

Love is my super power.

And it can be yours too.

Love it all.

Love spirit.

Love shadow.

Love money.

Love yourself. Love who you are becoming. Love the parts you are leaving behind.

Love the beliefs that hold you back so you can heal them and let them go.

Love your body and nourish it.

Love your light and let it shine.

Love yourself through gentleness and compassion--you've been through a lot.

Love the challenges in your life for they have something to teach you.

Love your potential and become the woman you came here to be so you can attain your goals.

Love others for their imperfections.

Love your kids and show them the way.

Love your spouse with as soft and open heart.

Love your neighbor because how you treat others is important.

Love is the basic energy of the YOUniverse. Let it guide you and restore you.

In bold love,