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The Story Behind Mindy Arbuckle

Jan 18, 2022
Mindy Arbuckle, Holistic Coach

Mindy Arbuckle is a women’s holistic empowerment coach, Master of Crystology, yoga educator, author of 7 Steps to Happy, musician, and conscious entrepreneur.  She has been teaching spirituality and yoga  since 2001. Her ultimate goal in life is to bring more love and connection to the world.

A self-proclaimed hillbilly hippy chick originally from Nebraska, she realized her gift to teach yoga, spirituality, and self-growth shortly after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. For 16 years, she owned and operated three yoga studios. As a yogini prior to becoming a mother of two girls, her yoga practice has always been more of a lifestyle than just a way to stay physically healthy.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, she knows the hardships and the joys of how your business is an external representation of your inner world. She allows her businesses to be a part of her spiritual practice because she was tired of doing things the old, masculine, traditional ways. She learned to infuse the divine feminine (flow) in all while balancing it with the divine masculine (strategy) and in doing so found the abundance she always knew she deserved. Now she’s on a mission to help other female spiritual entrepreneurs and women who want to align their purpose with their work to serve bigger and make more money doing so. With more money in the hands of these light warrior goddesses, the more good you can do in the world and Sweetie, the world needs you.

Mindy is on a mission to help women stop beating themselves up, burning the candle at both ends and break free from the prison of overwhelm. The last couple years have been hard on all of us and many open hearted women are feeling burnt out. Now is the time for empowered soulful leaders to show up authentically, filled with passion for their lives, and renewed energy to get everything accomplished. You have unique gifts that can help improve this world. Gaining full access to your SELF helps women feel more passionate about work and life, lets you have deeper relationships and feel your power by owning your worth and value.

Mindy lives in the mountains of Colorado. In her free time you can find her skiing the slopes, mountain biking, hiking, gardening, baking, making her own herbal remedies, reading and spending quality time with her two daughters Zella, Kevra, and hubby Brian.


About Mindy

Love is the guiding principle of Mindy’s life. As she continues to evolve in her understanding of it and ways to embody love, her desire to heal the divides in this world grows stronger.

She has been a yoga teacher and trainer for over 20 years. The word “yoga” means to “unite.” That is her soul’s purpose: to look beyond differences and truly see that what connects us is far more powerful than what divides us. Yoga and life are matters of bringing balance and harmony to opposites such as body and mind, spirituality and financial abundance, serving others while maintaining healthy boundaries, and clearing the mind trash that keeps you from believing in your greatness.

Mindy is here as a Women’s Holistic Empowerment Coach, Guide, and Teacher to open you to the limitless possibilities that you are.


What I Do

Aligning you with your highest self is my life’s work. When you are connected within it reflects as outer love, abundance and connection as well.

By bringing conscious awareness to the life you are already living, empowering you to make better choices and creating new habits and rituals, you can gain access to the divine goddess power within. We use all sorts of fun tools like mindfulness, meditation, crystals, yoga, mantras to design a sacred life in which you can grow and up level. Because every new challenge and opportunity you attract asks you to expand into a greater version of you.

Supporting you on that journey is my joy and honor.


Women’s Holistic Empowerment Coaching 

Based upon 20 years of personal growth, teaching and entrepreneurship, I love working one-on-one and in group settings to guide you through clearing out your shadow shit so you can live the fullest, most abundant, happiest life possible. Embody your inner goddess light warrior and shine brightly, unafraid to live your highest purpose and lead with love!

My virtual course, Sacred Fulfillment, can be accessed from anywhere in the world and offers you an in depth way to expand your consciousness, sort through your story, shift perspective, get clear on your purpose and embody the greatness of you. Combining education with coaching adds a level of accountability and support that training lacks on its own. You’ll receive world class coaching that will rapidly move you from going through the motions of your career and life to owning your health, emotions, abundance and joy.

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Crystal SOULutions Online Shop

Driven by her passion about crystals and how she has used them throughout her own spiritual journey and to help others with their own journeys, Mindy opened an online crystal shop in 2021. This was a natural extension of the crystals she sold in person within her yoga studios. Crystal SOULutions is a home to learn about crystals and to add to your healing collection. Every item she sells is hand picked for it’s natural beauty and energy. She only sells what she herself would enjoy having in her own collection.


Crystal SOULutions Coaching

Mindy has been working with energy since she was a young girl. She was naturally drawn to crystals and even studied geology in college. She has been a crystal healing facilitator for 15 years and is now combining this potent energy work with coaching to empower her clients. This work can be done in person or virtually.

Chakras are the energetic blueprint of everything that is going on in your life. By reading the energy of your body, Mindy is able to use crystals to realign subtle energies and get to the root cause of problems. Crystals work through vibration, re-balancing the energy field that surrounds the physical body and they activate linkage points to the chakras. By bringing the chakras back into balance, many states of physical and psychological dis-ease can be ameliorated. This work can:

  • Learn how to choose crystals that are right for you and how to use them
  • Clear negative cords to set you free from past trauma
  • Balance and energize the body, mind, and spirit
  • Help you clear out out outdated beliefs and life patterns to live more abundantly in the present
  • Focus on conscious goals, clearing the path to accomplishing them
  • Bring conscious awareness to subconscious problems and patterns which empowers you to choose a new path forward
  • Bring a deeper connection to your highest self
  • Feel empowered to make better decisions and find SOULutions to the problems you are facing

For more information or to schedule, please email Mindy directly.