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    After one session with Mindy, I found that she is apparently able to see and remove physical trauma, seen as "frozen" or stuck energy within the bioplasmic energy field of the body, suggested by Victor Inyushin at KazakhUniversity in Russia to be the fifth state of matter. As a sound healer myself, I found in my research that Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist, now world-renowned energy healer uses this method of healing in her work as well.

    (Tuning of the Human Biofield, Eileen Day McKusick, Healing Arts Press Rochester, VT 2021) . As a client, what I experienced in my session with Mindy was a mildly exploratory conversation to clarify my intention of deepening and expanding my career, and a nice nap while she was working.

    Since the session with Mindy, I have begun to receive a constant flow of new clientele in my business. I have become involved in a new movement in my community which I consider to be my life's purpose, and my relationships have taken on a quality of natural attraction which I have not experienced previously in my life. I am eternally grateful to this gifted woman who has set me free and highly endorse her qualities as a healer!

    Lynn Ruoff, B.Sc.Ed, Certified Integrative Health Coach
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    You are splendid! I love your journey and seeing the work you do and reading your journey brings tears of reverence to my heart. Thank you for being you!

    Jesse D
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    You and your teaching helped me cope with one of the most difficult times in my life! You have the most peaceful & kind spirit and your teaching has helped me heal in more ways than I can explain! You are such an incredibly beautiful and powerful soul!

    I am so grateful to you for the loving support you gave me at that turbulent time along my journey!! You never asked me what was going on, but your spirit knew it was much too painful to discuss at that time... but you would always have such kind words for me and your teaching was exactly what I needed at that time, I learned so much from you and it was the best introduction to the practice of Yoga and self-love.

    I wanted you to know how much I appreciated you and your teaching! You never really know how much you impact people's lives, and I am ever grateful for you!! May you continue to share your beautiful spirit of light, peace and love!! 

    Darlene D.
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    I just had a much needed beautiful meditation. Insert deep breath 🥰. And I wanted to share that the lessons you’ve shared with me are instilled with me and that I’m able to honor my journey and acknowledge where I am and know that I am worthy of love and of the power I possess inside.

    I often revert back to my sacred fulfillment lessons and your wisdom and am full of so much gratitude that you are in my life.

    Thank you for loving and believing in me.

    I am honored to send that love and belief back.

    With Mindy's coaching I now have the freedom to not be stuck and held back - I have the freedom to live my best life. And not only have the freedom, but know I deserve it.

    Laurel K
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    I can say with 100% conviction you are the most AUTHENTIC SOUL I have had the pleasure to link hands with on my life journey. Thank you for your beautiful presence in this world and for the powerful healing work you are doing for this community!

    Stacey W
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    I want you to know that I have been using the mantra for love, Hamam Prema (or however you spell it) twice a day, doing it 108 times each time I meditate, since you told your readers about it and it has been so helpful. . . thank you so much!  It has been the saving grace and silver lining to this whole experience.  I really appreciate that I have this practice to help me through this time and the rest of my life, thanks to you.  You have really been an agent for positive change, as they say, in my life, and I'm so grateful!  

    Earlene C
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    You are such a beautiful, loving and inspirational leader/teacher.

    Valency Dhalen
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    Hi Mindy! I wanted to take a moment to share how grateful I am for your teachings. I'm not on social media much these days but when I log on to FB, I'm always looking for your newest video. I probably won't ever comment, but please know how much strength and courage you share with me through your vulnerability and authenticity. I hear your voice all the time and reflect frequently on the time we shared in your teacher training. You are wise beyond your years and I am consistently moved by the messages you share. Thank you for being you and for sharing your light. It impacts more people than you will ever know. Sending tons of love to you in the beautiful CO mountains!

    Susan Beckett
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    Your coaching with me was exactly what I want in my unconditional acceptance, presence soft empowerment. You offered that to me. Thank you.

    Anick Patry
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    Meeting Mindy and becoming her student on my way to a 500RYT certification has changed my life, by the way I live my yoga practice and the way I have decided to be a teacher of yoga. The very first moment I met Mindy she was refreshingly genuine and made me feel understood, cared for and worthy of unearthing my light again. As Mindy said to me “you didn’t lose your light, it’s always there waiting to be uncovered”. That was all in the first time I met her! Mindy’s vision and teaching is profound. I could go on and on. If you are a new student or someone who has practiced yoga for years Mindy is a teacher that will help you elevate your yoga practice. If you are a new or experienced yoga teacher Mindy’s knowledge will help you transform your teaching. Mindy Arbuckle is a yoga teacher who is not only passionate about what she does she is just as passionate about her students and their successes.

    Mindy is refreshingly genuine and made me feel understood, cared for and worthy of unearthing my light again. Mindy’s vision and teaching is profound.

    Mindy Arbuckle is a spiritual teacher who is not only passionate about what she does she is just as passionate about her students and their successes.

    Amee W.
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    It was 10 years ago that I went through a major shift in my life. The guilt of being far away from home, the pressure of being a great wife, woman and member of society. I don’t remember how I end up taking this yoga class. I had felt much love from family, my husband and love ones but never I had felt unconditional love from a stranger like I did when I meet Mindy Arbuckle. This was the beginning of my spiritual transformation. A sign of kindness showed me to “inspire with love and lead with compassion” the purpose and mantra that today I still follow.

    Mindy has being an incredible teacher and guru in my quest for calmness, love and compassion. Her understanding of the spirit, chakras, yoga practice and meditation has helped me to look inwards and identify how I can be a better wife, daughter, aunt, sister, business woman and human being. Love with passion and lead with compassion.

    Sonia McCloskey, Financial Planner
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    “I realized the other day that it has been TEN years since my 250hr with Mindy and Maitri. Im in Atlanta GA now and yoga continues to integrate into all parts of my life. Mindy, I learned so much from you during a difficult time in my life. Little did I know what life had in store for me and how much I would need to lean on my practice. Your teachings continue to shape my life and perspective... even after 10 years. Thank you!”

    Susan B.
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    I started dabbling into yoga years and years ago. I started taking my practice and spirituality serious about 5 years ago. I knew that I could make a difference in others lives when I found difference in my own. I've struggled with endometriosis, anxiety, depression, loss of self and, true purpose. I knew I was being guided by my physically invisible spiritual guides. I couldn't have been more grateful when I looked at only two studios and, was drawn to Maitri. I was so nervous calling to speak to Mindy Arbuckle. Once we touched base, I knew this was home. I would be able to be myself. Speak my truth for once in life. My seemingly crazy spiritual rituals and, views would finally become intelligent conversation with beautiful like minded individuals. I was home.

    Mindy helped me speak my truth for once in life. My seemingly crazy spiritual rituals and, views finally became intelligent conversation with beautiful like minded individuals. I was home.

    Katie O.
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    Mindy is an incredible woman. I started taking class from her while pregnant with my second child. Prenatal yoga was great. She took time to get to know every woman in her class and created a wonderful community that I am still connected to years later. After the birth of my son, Mindy continued to work with me in the most genuine way and helped me transition into being a mom of two. Mindy's care and dedication to her students is hard to find.

    Adrienne S.
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    I completed 1 on 1 sessions with Mindy. My practice has grown significantly. Its an honor to call her my teacher. She comes highly recommended by me.

    Heath R.
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    I was a regular student at Mindy’s yoga studio when I lived in Arvada, CO. I eventually found myself in her prenatal class, establishing a beautiful bond with my baby on my mat. After my pregnancy ended in tragedy, Mindy was there to hold space for my overwhelming grief in her Yoga Nidra class. Whenever I think of healing yoga, I think of Mindy. Whatever you’re going through in life, her mission is to help you know that you already have it in you to get through and let the experience change you for the better. I can only begin to thank her by endorsing her talent for lifting others up in the most essential of ways.

    Diana B.

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