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Are you ready to clear energy, connect with the Divine within and deepen your spiritual practices?

You are in the right place.

In Mindy's classes and workshops, you’ll spend time with like-minded people as you grow and expand your wisdom and experience of this journey called an “awakened life” and all it has to offer.

Mindy is a living example and guide on how to ground high spiritual energy into this world for positive change.

Mindy holds both online and in person events. You can also find her at festivals with her clean crystal apothecary, Crystal SOULutions.

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Upcoming Events

Hi, I'm Mindy Arbuckle

Most would describe me as a mother, wife, yogini, coach, energy healer... But in reality, all I am is magic 🪄💖. And so are you!

The out of balance masculine energy of society may put us in boxes, but Honey, that doesn't mean we have to stay there. It's time to break free from who we think we should be and start living the awakened, empowered and fulfilling life we deserve.

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Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Holistic Empowerment Coach in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Spiritual Coaching, Energy Healing, Shakti Awakening, Spiritual Awakening, Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing, & More!

Step into who you were designed to be!

Serving clients across Glenwood Springs, Rifle, Carbondale, Snowmass Village, Aspen, Paonia, Meeker, and the surrounding areas. Since what I work with most is energy, truly this work can be done effectively remotely from anywhere.

For Transformative Holistic Coaching and Energy Healing, Contact Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching Today!

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  • I just had a much-needed beautiful meditation. Insert deep breath 🥰. And I wanted to share that the lessons you’ve shared with me are instilled with me and that I’m able to honor my journey and acknowledge where I am and know that I am worthy of love and of the power I possess inside.
    I often revert back to my sacred fulfillment lessons and your wisdom and am full of so much gratitude that you are in my life.
    Thank you for loving and believing in me.
    I am honored to send that love and belief back.
    With Mindy's coaching I now have the freedom to not be stuck and held back - I have the freedom to live my best life. And not only have the freedom, but know I deserve it.


  • After one session with Mindy, I found that she is apparently able to see and remove physical trauma, seen as "frozen" or stuck energy within the bioplasmic energy field of the body, suggested by Victor Inyushin at KazakhUniversity in Russia to be the fifth state of matter. As a sound healer myself, I found in my research that Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist, now world-renowned energy healer uses this method of healing in her work as well.
    (Tuning of the Human Biofield, Eileen Day McKusick, Healing Arts Press Rochester, VT 2021) . As a client, what I experienced in my session with Mindy was a mildly exploratory conversation to clarify my intention of deepening and expanding my career, and a nice nap while she was working.
    Since the session with Mindy, I have begun to receive a constant flow of new clientele in my business. I have become involved in a new movement in my community which I consider to be my life's purpose, and my relationships have taken on a quality of natural attraction which I have not experienced previously in my life. I am eternally grateful to this gifted woman who has set me free and highly endorse her qualities as a healer!


  • Mindy has being an incredible teacher and guru in my quest for calmness, love and compassion. Her understanding of the spirit, chakras, yoga practice and meditation has helped me to look inwards and identify how I can be a better wife, daughter, aunt, sister, business woman and human being. Love with passion and lead with compassion.


  • Mindy's presence holds the space for you to be seen and dig deep.

    Spiritual Coaching Glenwood Springs

    Amanda Cameron

  • Mindy is refreshingly genuine and made me feel understood, cared for and worthy of unearthing my light again. Mindy’s vision and teaching is profound.

    Spiritual Coaching Glenwood Springs

    Amee Willoughby

  • With Mindy's coaching I now have the freedom to not be stuck and held back - I have the freedom to live my best life. And not only have the freedom, but know I deserve it.

    Spiritual Coaching Glenwood Springs

    Laurel Kung

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SOUL-full Music

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My kirtan album is filled with inspiring divine feminine mantras that are for creation, love, and developing your own happy.

It may be called "Mantras for Mamas" but it is for all who are in the creative process, whether you are creating a baby or a new business.

Listen to the album anywhere you get your digital music or BUY A CD HERE.

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