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Growth. Clarity. The Real You.

Holistic Coach Glenwood Springs

Waking Up to Your True Self. Are you realizing there is more to your life than meets the eye?

Do you want more happiness, contentment, love, and freedom in your life? Are you ready to clear old self-limiting patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back? Would you like more clarity as you access your inner wisdom and highest truth? Are you tired of feeling disconnected in our socially "connected" world? Tired of trying so damn hard and feeling like you have to do it all and be it all? Are you ready to embody the real, authentic you? You are in the right place.

Walking the path of embodiment and awakening can feel lonely at times. Some may misunderstand or doubt your journey. But you're not alone. Many are awakening. Mindy is here to support you virtually from anywhere. Whether you're seeking Spiritual Coaching, or One-on-One Spiritual Coaching, Mindy offers transformative guidance. Embrace a holistic approach with Transformative Holistic Coaching or connect with a Holistic Empowerment Coach in Glenwood Springs and virtually from anywhere for personalized support on your journey to greatness.

SOULutions Coaching

Redirecting our focus from the external world to the inner realms of the soul empowers us to pave the way for embracing our true selves fully!

We all harbor patterns that provide safety but also limit our potential. These patterns often reside in the shadows, exerting control from our subconscious. This program is for individuals prepared to confront triggers, recognize limitations, and break free from stagnant life cycles. Our Spiritual Transformation Coach will assist virtually from anywhere in identifying and addressing these patterns that confine us. Such patterns frequently operate subconsciously, necessitating a readiness to confront and transcend them. This Spiritual Coaching program is well-suited for those prepared to confront triggers, confront limitations, and liberate themselves from repetitive life cycles.

Together, through One-on-One Spiritual Coaching, we'll pinpoint and dissolve barriers, including limiting narratives and self-defeating behaviors that hinder personal growth. We'll delve into ancestral and emotional patterns, belief systems, and automatic responses to life, facilitating a complete alignment with your highest self from within.

This isn't solely about recounting your "story" endlessly; it's about bringing consciousness to it, acknowledging its lessons, and leveraging its wisdom to become your best self. Experience tangible, lasting transformations as you embody your highest Self. Explore the balance between strength and gentleness, empowerment and kindness, with our Holistic Empowerment Coaching in Glenwood Springs.

The SOULutions Coaching Program is accessible worldwide virtually from anywhere.

Empowerment Coach Glenwood Springs

Mindy draws from a wide range of techniques and procedures. Her approach depends on your needs and nature. You will receive a customized meditation-mantra-pranayama-yoga protocol based on your needs. Each week you will have specific homework assignments that will include practices to build your skills of embodying you.

Interested in this work, but still not sure? Click the button below to schedule a free, no obligation 20 minute heart to heart chat with Mindy to see if this program is right for you.

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Spiritual Coach Glenwood Springs

Regain self-control.

It is time to come together in unity (community). Now is the time to connect deeply from within so you can connect with others and the world. With Transformative Holistic Coaching you will realize that Realignment from the inside out will facilitate your growth and expand your wisdom so you can experience all life has to offer.

Your inner world reflects and directs the outer world. Changes made within create changes all around you. When you find Inner Freedom, connected to your Universal Spirit, you naturally and automatically become a part of the SOULution.

Our Holistic Empowerment Coach in Glenwood Springs, Mindy, has been working with people through self-growth practices for nearly two decades. She specializes in helping people wake up to their true nature and embodying their light. Pattern recognition and clearing, chakra alignment, meditation, crystal healing, and yoga are all tools to help you become better at living your fullest.

Working with Mindy is simple. You'll love it.

Rediscover your wholeness.

Crystal SOULution Coaching

Mindy, our Spiritual Coach in Glenwood Springs, has been working with energy since she was a young girl. She was naturally drawn to crystals and even studied geology in college. She has been a crystal healing facilitator for 15 years and is now combining this potent energy work with coaching to empower her clients. This work can be done in person or virtually.

Chakras are the energetic blueprint of everything that is going on in your life. By reading the energy of your body, our Empowerment Coach in Glenwood Springs, Mindy can use crystals to realign subtle energies and get to the root cause of problems. Crystals work through vibration, re-balancing the energy field surrounding the physical body and activating linkage points to the chakras. By bringing the chakras back into balance, many states of physical and psychological dis-ease can be ameliorated. This work can:

  • Learn how to choose crystals that are right for you and how to use them
  • Clear negative cords to set you free from past trauma
  • Balance and energize the body, mind, and spirit
  • Help you clear out outdated beliefs and life patterns to live more abundantly in the present
  • Focus on conscious goals, clearing the path to accomplishing them
  • Bring conscious awareness to subconscious problems and patterns which empowers you to choose a new path forward
  • Bring a deeper connection to your highest self
  • Feel empowered to make better decisions and find SOULutions to the problems you are facing
Spiritual Coach Glenwood Springs

For more information or to schedule, please email Mindy directly.

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  • Spiritual Coach Glenwood Springs
  • Spiritual Coach Glenwood Springs
  • Spiritual Coach Glenwood Springs

Holistic Empowerment Coaching

Rooted in Ancient Vedic Philosophy Mindy's coaching develops a deep understanding of your soul's purpose and how it works through your perfectly imperfect human nature. This work will align your heart, mind, energy and soul to invite in the life deep down you know you deserve.

  • Holistic Coach Glenwood Springs

    3 Gunas

    The Gunas are the polarities we see everywhere. We often swing between positive and negative missing out on the serenity of balance.

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  • Empowerment Coach Glenwood Springs

    4 Aims of Life

    There are four reasons each soul incarnates to fulfill. Learning which area you need to grow in offers you the ability to live in fullness.

  • Empowerment Coach Glenwood Springs

    5 Koshas

    Humans are multi-dimensional beings. Understanding each layer brings illumination and growth as you clear blockages to the real you.

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  • Spiritual Coach Glenwood Springs

    7 Chakras

    The chakras are like an energetic road map we can follow to understand ourselves, our emotions, our uniqueness and our universal connection.

Spiritual and Holistic Empowerment  Coaching Service FAQs

What is spiritual coaching, and how can it benefit me?

Spiritual coaching is a transformative process that helps you connect with your inner self, discover your purpose, and align your actions with your values. It can lead to personal growth, emotional healing, and a deeper sense of fulfillment in life.

How is spiritual coaching different from therapy or counseling?

While therapy present moment focused is on healing past wounds and addressing mental health issues, spiritual coaching is more future-oriented and focuses on personal growth, self-discovery, and achieving spiritual goals. It can complement therapy but is not a substitute for it.

What can I expect from a spiritual coaching session?

In a spiritual coaching session, you can expect to engage in deep, reflective conversations that help you explore your beliefs, values, and goals. Your coach will guide you through exercises and practices designed to deepen your spiritual awareness and connection.

How long does it take to see results from spiritual coaching?

The timeline for experiencing results from spiritual coaching can vary depending on individual goals and commitment. Some clients may see immediate shifts in their mindset and behavior, while others may experience more gradual changes over time. Consistency and openness to the process are key factors in achieving lasting results.

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