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In today’s world, when we are stressed out about work and life, it is important to find healthy ways to release and unwind. While some choose rigorous exercises, others choose to calm themselves in a long relaxing bath. That’s where our organic bath bombs come in.

A bath bomb is generally a round-shaped ball-like structure that quickly effervesces into the water as soon as they are immersed. They are composed of a weak acid and a bicarbonate base with a mixture of essential oils, fragrances, and colorants. Ours are similar, but in the sacred geometry shape of a pyramid, with a gorgeous Quartz Crystal Point for the apex. We are also different as we use nothing artificial or toxic in our organic bath bombs.

At Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching, we believe healing the water element allows you to feel your feminine flow, creativity, and receptivity. Use our organic crystal bath bombs for a sacred bath ritual. Our Clean Crystal Bath Bombs are made mindfully and simply with only the best organic ingredients. They also contain a gorgeous surprise Arkansas Quartz crystal that has been charged under the full moonlight to amplify your intention and aid in healing. Let it soothe the body, mind, and emotions as you soak with the intention you add to your crystal and water.

With our product, you can add sacredness to your next bath. Each of our bath bombs includes: organic flower petals, organic essential oils, dead sea salts to calm the nervous system and inflammation, white clay to detox and soothe, arrowroot powder to moisturize the skin, and shea butter to promote cell regeneration.

Why choose us?

Our Clean Crystal Bath Bombs are perfect for stressed-out women who need to let go after a frustrating day and release negative energy. Each bath bomb is also designed to balance your energy body by focusing on one chakra at a time.

Those who appreciate clean living will enjoy our healthy bath bombs because they will no longer have to worry about soaking in chemicals and petroleum products. We use zero chemicals. Paraffins, petroleum products, and nasty toxins don’t belong anywhere near your body, home, or family!

Add a little magic to your life with a crystal bath. They are handmade with love in small batches and make you feel like the real you.

To use our bath bombs, run a hot bath. Set a pure intention for your bathing ritual as you enter the waters. Hold the bath bomb just below the water’s surface and watch the magic happen. Once the crystal has been released, you can place it on your body or let it sink to the bottom of the tub to infuse the water with its healing presence. Rest well for twenty to forty minutes and feel the difference.

When complete, thank the crystal and stay in a relaxed mind, body, and heart set for the rest of the day, or head to bed and enjoy a restful night of sleep. The crystal is intended to be kept and allowed to continue to work with you. Meditate with it, sleep with it, carry it in your pocket or purse. The quartz will keep revealing it's wisdom over time. And be sure to look closely at it. Many of our Arkansas Quartz Crystals have extra special formations on them to help you on your journey.

Our Clean Crystal Bath Bombs are just $12 and are available on our website.

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