Is your feminine power balanced?

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I just can't help it! I get so nerdy and excited when I see yoga philosophy playing out in real life!

And that's what I found recently reading a new book, The Audacity to be Queen by Gina DeVee.

I gained a lot of clarity from a list of energies she shared about how your feminine energy can show up, especially when you are not in balance.

The way she shares it is deficient energy is Compliant, excessive is Defiant and balanced is Alliant.

My excitement came with seeing the gunas in this list: tamas, rajas, sattva! So freaking cool!

It is fun to look at the list and see what your dominant MO is for dealing with life and getting your needs met.

This is what we do in my coaching program: see the Self-destructive patterns and move towards harmony with the Alliant feminine energy!

And when you do that with your heart-centered business--watch out! Magic is in the making!

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Much love to you!
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P.S. If you want to check out the pdf I mentioned with the list of feminine qualities click here. (No email address needed.)