What happens when you take action, trust and have fun?

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I am home from my adventurous vacation to the Middle East with my family with lots of gems of wisdom to share.
Today I want to share my top take away from an unlikely source of local Bedouins, off the beaten path in Petra, Jordan.
  • We really are all brothers and sisters, here to love and support one another.
  • Guides will always show up for you when you follow three simple steps:
    • Take Action
    • Trust
    • Have Fun
We were on a trail in the middle of the desert, that wasn't on the map, with no other travelers in sight. We could have been afraid, turned back or given up on the adventure we had chosen. Instead, we mustered courage in the face of fear, played it smart in case we needed an escape route, had a lot of fun and in the end I found more faith in the human spirit and that we will always be cared for universally.
We are all in search of guidance. When we show up fully as our selves, willing to take actions aligned with our dreams and goals, trust that we are on the right path the you will discover the right direction.
I know you want to serve and make the world a better place and may be looking for the right kind of guidance for yourself and your business. So jump on my schedule next week. We'll get you moving forward right now. Why wait for your greatness to show up tomorrow when you can let it shine today?
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Much love to you!
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