I've had enough of the lies!! Have you?

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Abundance is your birthright and can only be denied by distracting you from that truth.
So I've had enough!
I will not buy into the lie of today, into feeling lack of any sorts or indulge in self-doubt or pity. 
That is not who I am, nor who you are.
The past is meant to teach us how to be better at being ourselves, NOT hold us back from the vision of our greatness!!
If your life isn't exactly what you want it to be you can't see that as proof of why you aren't good enough.
You have to be stronger than the lie of today. Today is but an illusion, a passing moment in time.
The Divine wants you to be strong and committed.
Elevate yourself to the level of "I won't be denied" by empowering your divinity within and owning your birthright of abundance!
Decide who will show up today, the one that buckles at any little bump in the road or the one that stands tall and strong, knowing she can get through anything?
Struggle and Regret or Joy and Gratitude?
If you want to make this world a better place, start by making yourself better.
Fight the good fight and empower your divine greatness.
Keep building your spiritual muscles to reveal your goddess self. It is this innate connection to the universe that reveals and grants outrageous possibilities and miraculous powers.
If you want help owning her, let's talk. Schedule your free coaching call today to reveal what's blocking you from the past and how to help you move forward with your vivacious spirit!
With loving potent support,
Holistic Empowerment Coach
Holistic Empowerment Coach