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I began this intentional new moon Monday with watching the sun rise...and it took for ever!!!!

Today's new moon offers us a day filled with focused energy and connection with purpose in which we can aligning with the energy of the fire that both purifies and moves us forward through transformation.

Accordingly, I went to bed with the intention to awaken before the sun so I could watch it rise.

This morning at 6:13 I awoke. Great start.

I checked my phone to see when the sun was supposed to rise, 6:37. Plenty of time.

I set up a candle and cushion in my husband's office because it has an east facing window. Lovely.

I settle in with my gratitude journal and celebrations and then check the clock when I was done writing, 6:30. Doing great only 7 minutes to go. I decide to stop checking the clock and just be in the moment.

I normally meditate at this time but with my eyes closed. Today I am enjoying the view of looking through a tree towards the mountain top horizon and take it all in. Feeling so grateful that I am a part of this amazing creation.

Several minutes go by and I hear my daughter's alarm go off, now I know it is 6:40. Huh... Oh well, checking the clock wont make the sun rise any sooner.

I stay present with my eyes open on the horizon knowing that the sunrise is inevitable. Yet, there is a small part of me that feels impatient with the process. I breathe and let go, coming back to the moment.

I hear my household begin to awake: the pitter patter of my daughters' feet coming up the stairs and finding spots on the couch, my husband making coffee. Still no sunrise.

The sky is getting brighter, but I can't quite tell how bright because I'm looking through a pine tree.

I wait. I breathe. I trust. I know.

The sun will rise.

In loving excitement I wait for that first real glimpse of the sun shining rays over the ridge, bright enough to see through the tree.

I closed my eyes for a short stint just to savor the moment. Just moments after I open my eyes, there it is! The brilliant golden rays I've been waiting for spilling over the mountain top.


Gorgeous. Perfect. Inevitable. 6:57 - 20 minutes after it was supposed to rise!

I smiled as I took it all in because my little journey of emotions is what I often put myself through on my road to success.

I start out with a plan, feel super excited, then implement the plan, get a little impatient, breathe, try not to tinker with all the moving pieces or get distracted, breathe some more, enjoy the journey, trust, wait patiently, and then boom, there it is.

It is a journey I have walked many times. I see the pitfalls earlier now than I used to. When my mind tricks me into believing something is real that truly isn't (like "this is taking forever, something must be wrong!"), I can recalibrate in moments instead of days or weeks.

This is the technique I have developed through all my years of spiritual entrepreneurship. It is a means of living on purpose, aligned with your highest self and a way to show up authentically and powerfully to lead your company and your clients. It is a means of harnessing the power of your spirit and your heart and letting those inform the decisions your mind needs to make.

To truly influence others, you must begin with yourself. To teach others you must first learn and implement the lessons in your own life. To walk others through their journey, you must be willing to love and embrace all of your journey. To find fulfillment through your work, you begin with finding fulfillment within by cultivating your emotional state and raising your vibration. 

You see, the dream in your heart--you know the one, the dream that juices you up and you want to tell the world about or you feel afraid to share it with anyone for fear they won't believe in it as much as you do--was placed there by the Divine. And when you follow that dream your success is inevitable, just as sure as the sun will rise, you will be successful. It's not a matter of if but when. And to help things along, the more you get your old beliefs, conditioning and fears out of the way and replace them with what is true, the faster you will find that success. Clearing the road to your spiritual and material success is what I specialize in. I've done it over and over. I love helping you get to the next level of your business and your life. Because you deserve it. You are doing great things in the world and you have more to achieve.

If taking charge of your life and your business excites you and awakens a spark within, please accept this invitation to schedule a free coaching call with me this week. It will be the best 45 minutes you will spend on your business (whether it is new or established) and yourSelf all week long!

May the rays of the sun balance the darkness of the moon within,


Spiritual Business Coach

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