Weighed Down By the Past, Anxious About the Future Equals Totally Not Present in the Now

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

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There is a great saying, "Live in the moment." that we can all agree is good for us. But how many actually live the majority of their lives in the present moment?!

When you live in the NOW, the enormous power of the present can set you free from the past and launch you into the future, all while being right here right now.

The best part is that it is 100% your choice. You have free will in the matter.

You can choose to continue to be bogged down by your past and the beliefs you created based upon it -OR- you can learn from it.

You can worry about the future, live in fear and scarcity -OR- be open to receive all the possibilities in front of you.

The latter options remove self-imposed limitations one by one and release your pure potential to be the greatness you already are.

Why don't you see your greatness if you are already that? Because it can't come out until you give up your attachment to all that is in your past or what you expect from the future. It only makes an appearance when you are present!

So, if you are ready to stop letting your small self hide that super hero within, it is time to set up a breakthrough call with me.

We'll look at what is working, what isn't and where you want to go with your business and how you can align more with that greatness within.

With great love and support,
Spiritual Business Coach