Become Empowered by the Meanings You Give to Your Life

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Everything in this universe is neutral.
We are the ones that give meaning to the things, events and experiences in our lives.
  • One person sees failure where another sees learning and growth.
  • One sees plastic as the end to society and another feels how it has made their lives significantly easier.
  • One sees marriage as a trap while the other feels it has set them free to be themselves.
  • One sees opening their own spiritually aligned business as a dream come true and the other says your a lunatic for thinking it could work.
Everything in this universe is neutral.You see, the events and things can either have power over you through negative thinking or you can be empowered by them through controlling and purposefully directing your thoughts, attention and intention.
The choice is yours!
When choosing, ask yourself:
Is the meaning I'm giving to this circumstance supporting me and my life's purpose or is it moving me away from what my heart desires?
Yes, it will take practice and awareness to shift the meaning you've given something. And with the support of a coach and mentor helping you see through the illusion of the meanings you've created, you are more likely to succeed in shifting your perspective and seeing life in a supportive and joyful game.
If you are looking for that support, empowerment and clarity for your life or your life's work, schedule a complementary breakthrough call today. I'd love to connect with you to see how I may be able to help. Either way it will be the best time you've spent on yourself and the vision of the life you want all week. 
With bold love and support,
Holistic Empowerment Coach