Why Recalibrating to Joy is the Key to Abundance

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Recalibrating to joy and abundance is less of a one-time gig and more of a life long adventure.

I swear I've been doing this work for two decades and still have wobbles, low vibe days and wonder if I'm really doing what I came here to do.

Just yesterday, after a fantastic weekend with my family and my brother's family playing in the mountains doing all sorts of fun things, my energy dropped into the crapper.

Well, I was hard on myself for feeling so low, wondering if I was really following my life's purpose -- for a bit.

Good news is that I realized I was doing that to myself, noticing what I was making this all mean and made a decision that it didn't have to be that way.

Recalibrating to joy and abundance is less of a one-time gig and more of a life long adventure.In that one decision, I changed the rest of my day. I decided that I was going to have fun on my path of learning, expanding my skillset and growth.

Cause you know what, the alternative really wasn't working for me. It was just making me feel worse.

So, I went for a walk (movement and nature always help), listened to a training I wanted to get through, was nicer to myself in my inner dialog and smiled through the rest of my day.

I checked off a few things I'd been meaning to get done, had a healthy dinner and ended the day listening to a recording I have "Life According to Mindy."

Fist pumping is also a fun little trick to fool your physiology into thinking you feel great and are ready for more!

I guess the moral of the story is that you don't have to live in those wobbles, mindset dips, self-doubt, guilt or shame for long either.

If you go through these things, especially with your business, it's time to get some support to help you minimize the time they take you down for.

Let's be honest, if you are human, you are gonna have these kinds of days. It's up to you if you want these dips to last a few hours, few days or few weeks.

With a spiritual business coach on your side, these will become blips on the radar, noticed and then gone. Ahh...freedom to be the best version of you!!

If you want to feel that good and be in control of your flow state, it's time to jump on a 20 minute free breakthrough call with me. It really is amazing what some clarity, accountability and support can do to change your life and upgrade your business.

With Bold Love and an Open Heart,