How ignoring my guilt led me down the same path as my mother

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I went from feeling bad about taking time to nurture myself all the way to owning my true value and it changed my life.

I, like many women used to have guilt wash over me when I would take time away from my husband, family and business to take care of me.
Logically it didn't make any sense.
In my spiritually aligned business I took care of thousands of people. Of course I needed to take care of myself! If I didn't who would?!
Yet there was that pesky guilt feeling in my chest, shoulders and neck. It even made me feel nauseous from time to time.
Self care is not selfishThat's when I started acknowledging that guilty feeling. What was it there for? What was I making all this mean?
It started with learning from my parents that you go and go and go until you can't go any more. My mom was someone who felt guilty every time she got a haircut and perm and never dared to get a massage for it being selfish of her.
That's the kind of example most of us grew up with.
No wonder my program told me to feel guilty. That's all I knew how to do.
Until ... I taught myself how to love myself more.
Self love gives you permission to be the best version of you, to rest when you need rest, to refill your cup and take care of you so you can take care of others in your life even better than you do now. 
That changed everything!
We all want to give. AND it is important to remember that the other side of the giving equation is receiving. And the best kind of receiving is to willingly allow yourself to receive.
Ponder that one for a bit. Are you allowing yourself to willingly receive?
If you are ready to rid yourself of guilt, write your own story and launch your business and career forward, schedule a free coaching call to learn how you really can have it all--whatever your "all" is.

In bold love and support,