Why ignoring your problems leads to stagnant growth

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

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We all have problems in our lives.
Every. Single. One. Of. Us.
How you face those obstacles reveals your human nature.
Of course, everyone has run and hid from their problems at some point in their lives, thinking that ignoring them is better than facing them.
On the other hand, when you face your problems head on, you not only gain skills and inner resilience, you also train yourself to look for how you can win in any situation.
I know, that sounds awfully masculine coming from me: "always look for the win."
However, I'm not talking about competition here.
sometimes you win sometimes you learnI'm talking about shifting the way your mind perceives your life and looking for the silver lining of any situation.
Because either way, you will face problems. Will you win (yay! keep up the good work) or will you learn if everything doesn't go the way you expect?
I mean you can beat yourself up, tell yourself you suck, that you aren't pretty enough, smart enough, or whatever enough.
But, where does that get you?
Learning is a way to win every situation.
See what went right in something that was really hard to get through. Find the hero in the ring instead of the failure.
What ever you went through was designed for you by the universe to help you be a better version of you.
So look for the good and shift the perspective so it supports you, your highest good and your divine mission.
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With great respect and love,