What to do when you keep beating yourself up

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Life used to be really hard.

I'd beat myself up if I didn't live up to the rules I had put in place for myself like:

😒hitting a revenue target for my business
😫having an unhappy client that I couldn't "help/fix"
😒feeling like a bad mom when my kids didn't listen to me
😫thinking that I wasn't meeting someone's expectation of me

What to do when you keep beating yourself upI put myself through so much suffering! SO MUCH!

We all do it. We beat ourselves up for not doing the uncomfortable thing in front of us (like having the conversation), then we get frustrated that we beat ourselves up and then we get pissy with the people around us and then beat ourselves up a little more for being so mean to people we love.

On and on it would go. It would often lead to stress, sleepless nights and more muscle tension than a person practicing yoga 6 times a week should have. (Insert more judgement.)

I wasn't until I started believing that the Universe is conspiring for me and my highest good that I started to change the meanings I gave to things.

I started asking myself better questions like:

❓ "If this is happening for me, how does the Universe want me to expand?"
❓ "What could be great about this?"
❓ "I feel you guilt. Do I really need you right now? Is there something you want me to know?

I realized I was giving meaning to everything that was happening and most of the time is wore me down and drained me of my vitality.

So, I started giving new meaning to the events in my life by asking better questions. When I didn't hit a revenue goal I'd see what I did well and would drop the "I'm a failure" act and replace it with focus on what I gained that month.

When I'd catch myself beating up on me, I'd notice it and take a few deep breaths and say "Wow! you are good at that small self. You must be really scared right now. I love you! I've got you. Let's find a new way."

Yep, my inner dialog really sounds like that. Why? Because I have decided to love ALL of me.

And you can too.

Honestly, this is the path of the soul sourced entrepreneur. Leaning into your areas of growth so you can help even more people in your own unique way.

It doesn't matter if there are people who are farther along than you. (Please stop beating yourself up already! 😘) There will always be someone who is "better" than you because you don't yet hold your value and love all of you! You have a journey that no one else on planet earth has walked - no one! Own it. Own all of you. Own the lessons, see that you are the hero in the room and not just the piece of shit someone told you you were.

The universe is calling you to step up, to play bigger, to serve, to shine your light. You can no longer live inside your restrictive little comfort zone. It's time to stretch and expand. You are ready!

You are ready to let life be easier by knowing yourself, loving yourself more fully. In doing so, you'll have your client's back even more and just watch your bottom line improve.

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In bold love and huge support,