Why Making a Decision is the Key to Becoming Unstoppable

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

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Wow! What a thought!
You get to decide who you want to be!!!!
So many of us have been taught who we are: through our parents, teachers, friends, bosses and everyone in between.
We try to meet everyone else's expectations of us without really thinking about who we are being in the process.
Why Making a Decision is the Key to Becoming UnstoppableThis leaves us feeling like we are spinning our wheels, not making any progress towards what we really want in life, maybe not even know what we really want from our lives.
No wonder you feel anxious when you are at a family get together!
Real power comes into play when you make a decision and are fully committed to it. 
When you decide that you are successful. When you decide that abundance is your birthright. When you decide that you are enough!
Without you making that decision someone or something else will make it for you--and there is no power nor authenticity in that.
Until you make the decision and you are committed there is hesitancy, an escape route and you feel ineffective while questioning your very worth.
But, the moment you make a committed decision, the Universe begins to move in your favor.  
All sorts of thing occur to help you that would never have otherwise occurred.
This decision you make for yourself helps you take responsibility for your life, lets you claim your divine power, brings clarity so you can be unstoppable!
You decide that you will live from your highest self and become the person you were meant to be.
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With Bold Love and Support,
P.S. The committed decision doesn't take away all the uncertainty and doubt. It gives you the motivation to get through them!