3 Steps to Quiet the Mind in Meditation without Beating Yourself Up for Having a Noisy Mind

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Lots of people ask me about meditation. When the mind doesn't quiet down on it's own they think there's something wrong with them and beat themselves up for not having a perfectly quiet mind! Who does? Be nice to yourself, you are in process of letting the mind melt. Just like the wax in a candle melts slowly, the mind needs time to go from it's MO of noisy to a more peaceful state.

MeditationAll people struggle with quieting the mind and if they keep to it they will eventually find a sense of peacefulness within their quite time.  A noisy mind does not mean "Give up. You suck at this." No! It is asking you to persevere and keep going to make progress and celebrate the small wins.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of mind noise let me offer three simple steps to help you deepen your meditation practice.

  1. Honor your body as the temple that houses your soul. Give thanks to it. And then say to yourself, "I am not the body. "
  2. Honor your mind and give thanks for all it does for you every day. Then say to yourself, "I am not the mind."
  3. Feel into the truth of your heart, the home of the soul. Feel your greatness, your true nature of love and joy.

Quiet the Mind in Meditation

That's it. Breathe and be with your highest self. Let her take the drivers' seat and know the body and mind will cooperate.

Fear will hold you back if you let it. But fear is nothing when face to face with your highest self.

So connect inward and feel her presence. She is what gets you through the fear, the challenges, the obstacles.

Get to know her. You'll be glad you did!

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With great respect and love,