Problems Rarely Solve Themselves

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We all face problems. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.
Some people try to solve their problems by ignoring them.
Others repress what they are feeling and try to make the best of a situation.
Still others get angry when they face an obstacle and wonder "Why me?!"
There are even a few who see their problems as opportunities and as gifts to help them build some spiritual muscles and clear out what they no longer need.
No matter how you face your problems (or don't), the one thing I know for use is that they don't solve themselves.
Problems Rarely Solve ThemselvesWhen you ignore and repress, the same problem will keep surfacing in your life over and over again, growing in intensity each time until you finally face it.
Ever notice how you keep attracting the same partner, the same type of work situation, the same kinds of health problems?
God, the Universe, Divine Mother, they are trying to talk to you through your "problems."
First it is like a little whisper in your ear. Next is a little tap on the shoulder. And if you keep ignoring it those little problems turn out to be like a 2x4 hitting you across the face: You loose your job, a nasty car accident, a cancer diagnosis, a divorce, loosing a huge client...
Problems only mean what we make them mean. In other words, they don't have to be big, bad and scary unless we make them mean those things.
Have gratitude for them showing up. They are there because you are ready to heal something, let go of something and build some badass muscles in the process.
This problem is here to help you be better at being you!
Someone walks all over your boundaries! Thank you Mother! I now know I'm worthy of caring for my own energy and vitality!
Not enough clients. Thank you God! I'm ready to clear the belief that doing what I love has to be hard!
Not feeling supported by loved ones. Thank you Universe! I am ready to receive the support I need from someone who really will have my back!
Are you ready to face your so-called problems head on with love, courage and your highest self leading the way?
I'm here to support you and help you get unstuck from the suffering you are putting yourself through and empower you to use your divine gifts to improve this world (not to mention yourSelf)!
Schedule a call and find out if your problems are what are holding you back and how to clear the way for your success and fulfillment!
Talk with you soon!
With Bold Love and Incredible Support,