Don't Confuse What Is with What's Possible

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So many people look at the circumstances of their lives as if they are true and permanent.
😫 I never have enough money.
😫 All the good men are taken.
😫 I've never done __fill in the blank__ before so why should I think I can now?
These are people who feel stuck in the muck and can't see a way out.
Don't Confuse What Is with What's PossibleTheir primary mistake was believing that life is stagnant and permanent. 
Come on, you've heard it before: "The only constant is change."
Our universe and therefore your life, are constantly moving and changing, even when things feel stuck.
The biggest influence we have over our lives are the thoughts in our minds.
What you focus on grows.
So if you are always focusing on what's wrong, you'll keep getting life sized helpings of the crap that is wrong in your life.
Here's the good news, the universe responds to changes/upgrades in your thoughts. 
And anything really is possible!
Upgrade your thoughts, what you are committed to, who you want to serve and how big your life can get and watch what happens!
Listen, it's not about getting the life you want so you can be the person who has that life.
It's all about becoming the person first who has the life of your dreams.
This is how you manifest the impossible (i.e. I'm possible) into your life!
BTW, doing this by reading a book, or watching a YouTube about it is really hard to do. Having a mentor on your team to get you through the weeds is a game changer and can accelerate your awakening, your entrepreneurial dreams and your financial abundance.
If you are looking for that coach, schedule a call with me. I'd love to get to know you better!
I can't wait to see what is possible for you!

With bold love,