Six Ways to Infuse Your Life with Love

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Blog by Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Love is literally imbedded in my walls. When I painted the basement family room a few months ago I started with the trim and LOVE.

There's nothing more important in life than love. There are many other distractions, but nothing so important as love. When life is falling apart around you look for ways you can infuse love back into the situation.

Yes, it will mean taking down your guard, offering forgiveness for wrongs done (to others and yourself), and finding joy where it has been lacking. Your soul is cheering you on and wants the absolute best for you! Listen to what the heart needs and it will guide you back to love, joy, healing and abundance.

Its time to start infusing LOVE into everything--especially your Self.

Here are six simple ways to embrace more love in your life:

1. Be willing to receive it in expected and unexpected ways.

Love is all around you all the time. so take off the glasses of fear, worry, and doubt and start to look for what makes you smile: the sun shining through the clouds, the first spring daffodil, a cool breeze on your face, the laughter of a child, the energy of a crystal in your pocket or on your desk, the love of your spouse when he/she does the dishes, a compliment out of the blue.

If there is strain in a close relationship, offer forgiveness for the wrongs done to you and the mistakes you've made. Forgiveness frees you from carrying around a weight, that no longer serves you.

2. Love yourself more by processing low vibe emotions.

We all hold onto emotions longer than necessary. Guilt that you said the wrong thing to someone and accidently hurt their feelings. Feeling unworthy because you haven't made the kind of money you have always wanted. Shame that you over ate again when you were feeling low. Angry that the kids don't respect you.

What ever the emotion is that weighs you down it is time to clear it. And in order to clear it you have to actually see it, not just know that it is there in the background.  I'm talking, bringing it forward, into the light for you to see without question. Then, say "hello" to it. Give it some breathing room and your attention. All it needs is for you to be able to love that part of you, to listen to what it needs to tell you, and then it can be released.

Give your emotions permission to be in your life. Without them you aren't human. So let yourself be human already! Feel your emotions, listen to them and surrender them at the feet of the divine.

3. Smile more.

Sounds so simple, yet is so darn effective. Smile for no particular reason. Smile because your heart smiles. Smile at strangers. Smile even when you have a mask covering half your face.

4. Let yourself have fun.

When did adults have to be so darn serious? You used to have fun! Turn up your favorite music and dance! Be silly! Laugh at a funny joke or when something odd happens at home like the sugar canister falls and sugar is everywhere!

To help my six year old daughter Kevra reset her mind after having a fall while skiing this past weekend, I started talking to her in our made up Turkey Talk language that is all gobble and silly tongue sounds. You know what? It worked. Make horse lips sounds. Howl at the moon. Let the energy flow out of you and have fun!!

5. Be grateful for all you have in your life.

Gratitude that you actually feel puts you on a fast track to loving life. I'm not talking about making a list of things you are grateful for just to make the list and mark it off complete for your spiritual practices. I'm talking about making a list and then feeling why you are grateful for those things. Let it permeate your beingness. Feel it all the way to your bones and in your heart.

Be grateful for the small things, the big things and everything in between.

And don't for a second believe that if you are grateful for what you have it will somehow push away that which you are working on manifesting. Quite the opposite will happen. When you are truly grateful, it attracts more of that energy, more "things" to be grateful for and puts you on a fast track to abundance and prosperity.

6. Dream big. You are meant for more.

While you are being grateful for what you do have, please give yourself permission to dream big and feel into what you really want in your life. It is ok to want more money, comfort, things, etc. as long as you know that isn't what brings true happiness and lasting love. Don't withhold love from yourself until you reach the next level in your business, loose the 10 pounds, or get the man of your dreams. Now is the time to love yourself and receive all the greatness you were designed for!

And when you think big thoughts, thoughts and dreams you've never let yourself think before, that little rascal of the small self: fear, doubts, and worries may creep in. Don't worry. Know that those things are a gift from the divine pointing directly at the place you have room to grow. Love those parts of yourself (that's all they really want) and revert back to #2 in this list.


With a little practice, self love gets easier and easier. I didn't even mention the obvious things like taking good care of your body with proper diet, enough water and exercise or taking care of your mind with meditation. No, you already know about those things. They are ridiculously valuable. You are valuable and worthy of your own love.

Love all of you and watch what happens!

With Bold Love,

Mindy Arbuckle


P.S. Embodying love in this way allows you the gift to lead with love in your family, work place, business, and life. Leading with love is one of the shifts we are feeling and is how spiritual entrepreneurs authentically grow their business and their financial abundance.

If you are on the verge of starting your own business or are feeling stuck in your business, it may be time to align with your highest self, your soul's purpose and lead with love confidently. If you are ready for some guidance and are looking for a coach who can help you grow your business with a balance of masculine (tactics) and feminine (intuitive flow), it is time to schedule a breakthrough call with Mindy.