The most important decision of your life

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It's a day before I gave myself an impossible (i.e. "I'm possible") deadline to make more money in one week than I've made all year.
Why did I do it?
Because I'm weeding out that which no longer serves me in search of something way the frick better!
It's actually because I love myself and this universe so much that I chose to see what would happen.
I mean come on. If I get through this uncharted territory and make the money, I win!
The most important decision of your lifeAnd if I go through this experiment without making the money, yet I have cleared out decades of mind trash, I win!
Either way I win and I learn to love myself more deeply in the process and that will help me love my coaching clients even more as they go through their own processes!
Love. It is a decision. 
Whether you want to love another, someone you adore or someone who bugs the crap out of you, or to more deeply love and accept yourself, it is a decision.
I have been walking this path of love consciously for the last 7 years and many more years if I count when I was a little clueless about what I was doing.
The thing that I know to be 100% true is that Love will always win, when you let it.
Fear appears to be stronger simply because it has been conditioned in each of us so deeply.
We ask ourselves "What if I don't...? " way more often that "What if I do?"
Which one has more power? Both are rifled with it. Both will lead you in a particular direction.
The real question is "Do you trust in love and let it move you forward or trust in fear to keep you stuck in the same ol', same ol'?"
Taking that leap of faith does take guts. I've been walking this path a long time and am ready to help you develop the love muscle within you to move forward with your soul's mission with confidence, courage and abundance.

Let love help you with this decision. Book a call and we will chat about your career and moving you forward with purpose.

Be bold. Be brave. Take action. It will be the best 45 minutes you spend on yourself all week.

With bold love,