My light will win!

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The other night I had a hard time falling asleep. There was an inner battle going on in my head and heart. I felt the low vibrations of my small self and doubts in my chest and abdomen leaving me restless and uncomfortable.
You see, I'm on the verge of another expansion of my soul and it taking it's rightful place of power and it has to do with unblocking the abundance of money.
Anytime you find yourself on the edge of a breakthrough you encounter resistance.
The small self is afraid that it is dying. For good reason. Through self love you are setting yourself free from the limitations of your ego. It lives in fear and just wants to keep you safe in your comfort zone.
But there is something inside you that refuses to stay stuck. You like me, feel a deep pull within that says you are meant for more--way more--than this small, limited, scared version of you will permit.
And so you feel as if there is an inner battle raging within you. No one can see it. You may even feel ashamed that it is there.
I mean, come on, you are a positive person. You can't be feeling this crappy about yourself. You shouldn't be so afraid of expanding into your purpose.
But, there it is. Emotions you'd rather not deal with, but burying and ignoring them isn't working anymore. Damnit! It would be so much easier if you could just live in light and love and not have to deal with these damn shadows and low vibe emotions!
What you aren't acknowledging is that there is something for you to overcome. These emotions, this inner battle between your light and dark is there FOR you!
Drop the resistance. Trust that You are winning and this is a last ditch attempt of your small self to save itself. The only way you lose is if you quit.
Eventually, my own inner battle which surrounds making money in a spiritual way ended with two mantras repeating themselves until I finally fell asleep: "My light will win!" and "I love money and money loves me!"
I chose to empower my light rather than give into the weight of my dark. I am both because I am wholeness, yet I will not indulge in the trickery of the dark.
Yes, you can be a spiritual person and struggle with money. I think most of us do in our own ways. You don't have to though! You are light and you are naturally abundant!
Let's get you over this hurdle so you don't have to keep suffering. You are meant for more and you know it.
Let's clear the shit so you can be your badass self, living your purpose abundantly.
Change your focus and it will change your life.
If you are on this path and are tired of the suffering you've been experiencing inwardly or outwardly, let's talk. Schedule your free breakthrough call and we will find out what's really getting in the way of your abundance and help you move forward confidently and joyfully!
With great respect and love,