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I've spent a lot of years only kinda kicking ass.
I hid behind "I'm helping a lot of people" to justify not making enough money to support my own family.
And I know so many women who are doing great things to improve the world who are also not making enough money to really feel fulfilled.
Money doesn't hate you. Isn't hard to make. And you making more of it does not make you greedy.
Money is just energy.
Right now, your thoughts about money are blocking the free flow of it to you.
Like me you probably have a mixed relationship with money.
I have trusted in the divine plan and universal flow, just like you for years.
And for years I've struggled to make ends meet.
Was it terrible karma? Misaligned chakras? Did I have the wrong kind of crystals? Was that money's fault? No!
It was my subconscious secretly thinking I couldn't be spiritual and financially successful, it was a lack mindset, it was my parents teaching me that money doesn't grow on trees and that you have to work so hard to get enough of it.
So many of my programmed beliefs from my childhood and from my spiritual path were mucking up the flow of money coming into me.
My mind was the block -- not the money.
It was the high vibe thoughts of my conscious mind (only 10% of your thoughts) loosing out to the tremendous power of my subconscious thoughts (90% powerhouse!).
Clearing the subconscious of these limiting beliefs takes three things:
1. Willingness to see what is really going on in your head.
2. Acknowledging what is there.
3. Learning from it so you can clear it.
Practice these three things and you are on your way to financial success.
Getting a coach on your side to help you do these three steps with more clarity and potency can rapidly increase your ability to make more money doing exactly what you love.
If you are ready to make more money by aligning your thoughts, beliefs and actions then book a call with me today and you'll soon be on your way to manifesting the life of your dreams.
With love and powerful support,