I took one for the team

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I took one for the team.

I knew at a young age I was different. You too probably.

But I grew up in a Catholic family in small town Nebraska where being different wasn't a good thing.

When trying my best to fit in wasn't working anymore, I decided I needed to figure out who I was--not who "they" wanted me to be.

I took one for the teamSo I began studying yoga. On my own at first. For several years that worked for me while I started to unravel some of my old beliefs.

Yoga helped me to embody my spirit like never before - plus it kept my body healthy and fit.

Pretty soon, I realized I needed more and so I started taking all the trainings I could, paid the best private mentors and coaches I could find.

They showed me the way the mind, emotions, spirit, nature, crystals, meditation all work to help you tap into the greatest version of you.

I learned that I was my own jailer--not my parents beliefs or society.

And I was the one holding the key to set myself free.

With all this self knowledge, growth, expansion, I have been able to create the life of my dreams.

The life I live today is way beyond what my childhood self could have come up with because I am tapped in and connected to the divinity all around and through me.

I spent the money, took the courses, worked on loving the dark parts of myself all so I could live it and share it with YOU.

You don't have to spend a down payment on a house to get where you want to be. It doesn't have to take 20 years.

When you do this work with the best mentors out there, rapid transformation is possible and even fun!!

If you are ready to put yourself first (the way we do this isn't selfish BTW) and have an advocate showing you the way, then it is time to talk.

I've got room in my schedule next week to help you uncover what is really holding you back and where you want to go when we put your highest self back in charge.

Totally looking forward to our chat!

See you on the inside,