The confines of coping mechanisms

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I watched a movie, "Military Wives", over the weekend.

I could absolutely relate since way back when, I was an army wife myself.

It deals with the stresses military men and women leave behind when they are deployed.

It shows the realness of how people cope, both in healthy and unhealthy ways.

In this movie, it reveals that many women, without support, cope with the stress of their loved one's being deployed with drinking.

The confines of coping mechanismsI felt the pull to drown my sorrows too while Brian was overseas in war zones as a civilian.

But, I also knew there was a better way.

I searched for larger truths, that which would endure even if Brian didn't come home.

It lead me to understand myself better and to answer the questions we all ask like: "who am I?" and "why am I here?"

It was in discovering my true self that I found an inner strength and resolve I can still access at any time.

Now, I help women just like you answer those same questions when confronted with the stressors of your life.

There are better ways, more holistic ways of handling stress and making your life one filled with meaning and joy.

The time for hiding behind your coping mechanisms is over. Take charge of your life and open your heart to something new which will set you free!

Schedule a call. I would love to support your journey.

Support is what will not only get you through, but will also accelerate the healing, growth and self-discovery.

You are not alone my dear sister. Reach out and receive support.

With bold love,