Choosing the path less traveled takes courage and radical self love

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This little cutie, Kevra, chose me to be her mama, just like all children choose their parents.

I spent most of my pregnancy trying to figure out why. She already loved me, before she was born. I could feel it. She has an enormous heart and still loves me "Around all the planets and the whole solar system and back a 1000 times!"

She was my second child and one that we had not planned for, yet were open to receiving if the Divine wanted us to have another.

Choosing the path less traveled takes courage and radical self loveMotherhood changed me like is does all women. But why?

It made me want to be better, to heal old wounds, to not pass on the mistakes of my parents and grandparents.

That meant me getting even more in touch with my emotions and what was ruling me from the background. (And I had already been doing this inner work for 15 years at this point.)

The root cause

You see, I learned at an early age to be perfect was the only way I could be worthy of love.

And at this point, with a 5 year old daughter and another on the way, I had made up my mind, and more importantly my heart, that was not true nor the only way.

Problem was, I didn't know any other ways.

The teacher appears when the student is ready

That's when I found one of my teachers. She showed me the true strength I had inside when I got in touch with my emotional intelligence, let myself feel what I had been repressing for so long and learned to release the old beliefs and ways of living.

I began to believe that there really was more available to me than just trying to appear like I've got it all together on the outside, while crumbling on the inside.

That I didn't have to keep proving my worth, giving until I was exhausted and burnt  out, or secretly hate myself because I didn't know how to let go of who I thought everyone wanted me to be.

The path less traveled

This beautiful little girl who chose me has helped me to walk a path few choose. And by choosing to be the best me, I am choosing to honor and love her in the same open hearted way.

When you choose a path of growth, growing is what you get. It is a lifelong journey that I recommit to every day. 

It is a path of spirit and purpose, courage and resilience, love and connection.

She showed me that my heart really does have more room to love (and will always have more room).

That I don't have to be perfect to receive anything, least of all love.

Love yourself to love others

Love is my birthright as it is hers.

She has helped me walk the path of radical self love, without even knowing that she has been helping me.

Radical self love is not a myth nor only available to a select few.

It is there for you just as much as it is there for me.

And when you embody radical self love

💗 you stop having to prove your worth,
💗 the imperfect, perfect you leads the way with resilience, fortitude and light,
💗 you open to receive love and appreciation, not for what you do but for who you are,
💗 a radiant inner strength, beauty and confidence emerge from connection with your soul, your highest self, and
💗 you smile brightly, excited to get out of bed everyday because you are happy on the inside.

Life doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't.

You also don't have to have another baby to realize it.

You have been there for everyone else in your life. Today is the day you decide to be there for yourself again.

I've got room in my schedule this week to talk. Book a call. We'll get down to what's really going on in your life, find out where you want to go and possibly see if I can help.

Either way you will be so happy you took this time for your highest Self this week!

Your divine, empowered, goddess self is waiting for you.
With love and powerful support,