The Strange Gift of Self Hatred

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I'll say it again: I used to hate parts of myself.

I never wanted anyone to have access to or see what I thought were weaknesses.

I wanted to be authentic but could only reveal the light and kept my shadows hidden.

In doing so, I always felt attacked and like I needed protection.

For years I used energy shields and smudged myself clean of negative energy daily.

Because I couldn't honor all of me I had to hide part of me.

That led to energetic walls (not just healthy boundaries) but thick ass, layers and layers of walls.

It was the only way I knew how to keep myself "safe" from people who didn't like, love or appreciate me.

Knowing what tools to use at any given time on your own journey is a crucial skill.

The Strange Gift of Self HatredAnd, knowing that the tools aren't the end result you desire is also vital.

By continuing my evolution and embodiment of my highest self, I no longer feel the need to wall myself off to the world and protect myself.

I am lighter, more joyful, easy going and generous.

I love myself enough to discern what energy is mine and what is not.

And in that radical self love I consciously choose to own my own crap and refuse to take on someone else's.

I can 100% support another soul without taking their energy on.

To all my empaths out there this may sound like a miracle, impossible to attain for yourself.

I assure you that you can own your energy and still feel others just like I do.

It is in knowing and loving yourself that you can know and love others and support them from a place of wholeness.

You will no longer need to "prove" your worthiness of love and appreciation by being a dumping ground for low vibrations.

You don't have to dim your light, shrink, be filled with dread if you do it a different way or cave to other people's requests any more.

Just think how much more good you can do in this world and in your family if you held your value, showed up fully as yourself and confidently met any challenge that came your way.

If you are the woman who not only wants to listen to her heart more but also act upon it's guidance, fully aligned with your soul's mission and power, then we should talk.

I have walked this journey.

I have embodied these teachings.

And I love sharing transformation.

You don't have to do all this on your own.

I could be the mentor you've been praying for.

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With Love and Powerful Support,

Mindy Arbuckle

Founder of Sacred Fulfillment