Hiding in plain sight isn't working any more

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Why are heart centered people so willing to hide who they really are and the gifts they have?

Speaking from experience, I can relate!

I've been working for twenty plus years to show up and play big.

I hid in my yoga studios for 15 freaking years.

Sure, I was absolutely doing good work and helping people.

But I was also hiding.

Some women hide in their children--putting all their time and energy into the kids.

Others hide in their work.

Loads of women hide in public forums like facebook groups always staying in the background and never really taking action.

Those days are over my sweet sister!

Divine Mother, Universe, God is calling you to show up and be all of you.

Thankfully you don't have to feel your knees hitting the floor before you surrender your old ways and open to something more.
[I mean you can wait for your life to fall apart before you decide to take spirit aligned actions--but really you don't have to!]

The worst part about hiding your true self is that you feel like a failure at life.

Hiding in plain sight isn't working any moreSince you don't value yourself you end up having no boundaries.

  • Your kids take advantage of you.
  • You and your spouse are distant and you don't even want to think about getting intimate when going to bed.
  • If you aren't in a relationship you are afraid of repeating the same terrible relationships of your past.
  • You get overlooked at work for promotions and never feel valued or appreciated for your skills.
  • You likely have amazing ideas of starting your own business but never take the actions necessary to get it off the ground because you are afraid of failing (and succeeding at the same time)!

Stop it.

You are worth so very much!

I know that it can feel hard to do this all on your own because you've felt judged and alone most of your life.

I'm 100% here to support your journey.

Start with booking a free call to get clarity on your life and the direction you want to go.
With Bold Love and Gratitude,

Mindy Arbuckle

I recently shared a video on this very topic of hiding places and coping mechanisms. Check it out. https://youtu.be/qm8XXGagfHU