A photo bombing cutie who knew how to see love

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That's me photo bombing my parent's romantic evening before photo bombing was a thing. 
I've always been a lover.
I look for and find love where ever I go...at home growing up, around the world in a completely different culture, out in nature, with strangers and familiar folks alike, and within my own family.
Nowadays I look for universal love more than romantic love.
Not just universal love but bold love.
Not all love is sweet and fluffy like romance.
Sometimes it takes real courage to love another human being.
Especially when you disagree with them.
Bold love looks at everything that is happening in life and sees it for what it is in it's wholeness.
What does that mean?
It means seeing the light that comes from darkness.
It sees the strength that gets you through the really hard times instead of just focusing on the struggle.
Bold love often asks one to speak that which most people avoid.
It is giving another perspective that helps them see more clearly and take spirit aligned actions to to get them unstuck and help them move them forward.
Bold love is unselfish, kind, and fierce when needed.
Sometimes that's what we need most in the world -- someone to love us boldly enough to be honest with us and to be our advocate and cheerleader.
Bold love looks for the super hero within instead of buying into the super villain's story.
How do you develop bold love in your own life?
By radically loving yourself -- all of you.
By looking lovingly and courageously at the shit you've been through and be willing to clean up the residue that it left behind so you can live in your highest self.
When you live in your highest self and put that super hero part of you in charge, the part of you who has gotten through all the shit, that's when you have bold love in your domain.
None of us should ever have to feel alone. 
Not even in your darkest hour.
Find a mentor who has what you are looking for and grab their hand.
Let yourself receive support and bold love on your journey.
I've had so many mentors along my path, each loving me boldly in their own ways.
Now I am blessed to be here for you.
Reach out and grab my hand.
Schedule your free breakthrough call that will help you see your life clearly and open your heart to heal that which has been hanging on for years if not decades.

Your divine, empowered, goddess self is waiting for you.

With love and powerful support,
P.S. Happy Valentine's Day❣ 💕💖