Healing the world of anger, fear, and division will take bold love

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Everyone is unhappy. I felt it this morning like a weight bearing down on my heart. It was so much it brought tears to my eyes. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white or brown. Gay or straight. Rich or poor. Conservative or liberal. Old or young. If you live in the country or the city. It doesn’t even really affect just our country. It’s the whole world. And it breaks my heart.

Healing the world of anger, fear, and division will take bold loveThis morning was like just about any other morning…until it wasn’t. I woke up, made a coffee and breakfast. Got the kids off to school, showered and sat down for my meditation. Within moments of sitting in my sacred space, my heart was filled with an unbearable pain. It was not my own. It was the collective pain and suffering of our world. It doesn’t really matter who you are, your financial circumstances, or where you live. Today I fear that just about everyone is unhappy, frustrated, angry, vengeful.

What the hell?! How did we get here?

The United States, and I do believe most of the world, has been traveling down this road for a few decades. Not consciously. And yet somehow willingly. We are constantly searching for what is different, what we don’t like about another person or group of people. Judgement is thrown around in all directions. That judgement eventually turns into hatred, blame and shame and we have used those things to try to control those we disagree with through fear.

We find ourselves in a time when people take everything personally and compare, compare, compare. What good is that doing us? Comparison is the killer of joy and being overly sensitive constantly puts you in low vibration states of powerlessness, doubt, worry and deep anger.

I can literally feel your resentment, anger, frustration, pain and hatred. It saddens my heart and makes me cry. So many people suffering in their own ways. And the worst part is that suffering is optional. We create most of our suffering through our thoughts, beliefs and stories.

If you look closely, with an open heart, can you see that at this time we are all connected through suffering? Not what causes the suffering, but the suffering itself. Can you not feel the pain in another’s heart? Have you hardened your heart so much that all you feel is your own pain and cannot relate to another?

This pain and suffering is killing us! “I’m right and you are wrong” pushes us apart and yet it also tethers us together through negative energy. There is no victory, no healing in this way.

The way out of hellThe way out of hell

It is time that we pick up the torch of love, kindness and connection. Because whether or not you believe it, we are all connected. Just look at how a tiny virus has utterly changed the world.

Anger and hatred may light a fire for you to take action towards your own personal journey. But will NEVER get you the results you desire.

Love, understanding, compassion, kindness, empowerment, joy are aligned with the soul and with the Divine. Those are the powers that can overturn the dark energy of fear.

I know how stuck you feel right now. No one is leading you out of this hell—only further into the darkness. It feels like there is no other way.

But there is!

Every human is capable of setting themselves free from fear, anger, guilt, worry and pessimism. You do not need approval from your government to open your heart to love and let the radiance of your divine self shine through!!

Love can conquer fear

Fear is potent and powerful and can certainly conquer the human, ego, small self of humans. The only power stronger than fear is love. And love comes from the innate power of your soul and your true self.

It is time for light bearers (if you are reading this you are one of them) to own their light, align with their highest selves and lead with bold love! There is no other way out of the predicament we find ourselves in.

This is not the time to give up! This is the time to go in, develop a strong and resilient relationship with your highest self, put spirit in charge and let your divine light guide your way!

Storms are coming. What will get you through?

Each of us has gifts to help this world. What are your gifts? You need to know. What about your top two values? You need to know those as well so you do not loose your way. Your values are your guiding lights, your north star that shines on your gifts, gives you the courage and strength needed to weather any storm.

And storms there will be. Your resolve will be tested. What will you rely on to get you through? Your negatively conditioned mind or the inner strength of your soul—your connection to God?

The inner battle must be won first

We all are facing an inner battle of the higher and lower selves. And that inner battle is being played out in the streets in the US and in the world. Whoever wins the inner battle will certainly be victorious in the outer world as well.

Who will it be?

Do you want light and love to win or darkness and bondage?

The choice is 100% yours. We are all together in this and all connected. We can collectively rise together or sink together.The inner battle must be won first

What you experience within your own mind and heart is reflected outward in your world to show you          what is “off”. It is time to stop beating yourself up, making excuses, blaming yourself or others, let go of the shame, self-hatred and insecurity.

Instead, start clearing your shit and your negative charge around things in your life. See the negative energy and low vibration emotions when they arise, acknowledge them and let them move through.          You have the power to transmute that negative energy into positive through right attitude and intention.

 Stop taking things so damned personally and offer a little understanding for the person who has                harmed   you. This doesn’t mean let people walk all over you. But if you would like understanding in          your life start by gifting it to others and you will change the dynamic in the relationship. What you want,    give!

When you start getting your house in order (your inner world) you will have the capacity to start lifting        other up. You’ll see that the low vibration emotions you experience are guideposts to something better. You’ll recognize that anger is pointing you towards understanding and compassion. Or that jealousy is there to lead you towards contentment and being happy for others.

Start to look for the good in people and the world and it will show up. We are all different. That is the way it is supposed to be. We are not meant to all have the same life. Being different is no reason to hate another person. Stop focusing on what separates us and start looking for that which is common between you and another. It is ok to have differences. You can still love and appreciate that person for who they are.

You get to choose where you put your focus. Will what you’re focusing on and giving energy to lift your vibration or lower it?

Let the power of love rise from within

The power of love is so much stronger than the power of fear. The really good news is that it takes fewer people at a high vibration to start to lift the collective than it does for fear to pull it down. Your life, your energy, your vibration, your spirit does make a difference!

My dear sister or brother, happiness comes from within. Only those truly connected to the divine within (the soul) or without (God, Mother, Universe) know this happiness. This loving joy is what the world needs right now. The only way the world receives it is if we receive it and fully embody it first.

Will you join me in consciously letting spirit rise up while letting ego sit down?

Now is the time. The world truly needs you.

With Love,

See you on the inside,