Shame vs. Love and the Inner Battle We Are Currently Fighting

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Blog by Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Our world is going through so much right now: a global pandemic, racism, protests and riots...

The questions that comes to mind for me are:

Why are you so hard on yourself?

Why are we so hard on others?

We are all human and we are all fallible. Why do we have to make things so hard?

In my view, being hard on ourselves and others is a form of shaming. It is one of the lowest vibration emotions out there.

Shame makes us believe that our whole self is flawed, bad, or subject to exclusion. Then the ego feels like it has to do something to redeem itself or save face.

You can imagine the harm we do to ourselves and others when we are in the vibration of shame.

We hide, we conceal, we deflect, we do anything we can to avoid what is causing the pain.

As a recovering perfectionist I know how hard I can be on myself. I know the deep pain of feeling inadequate and worthless.

Shame is deeply rooted in race and I'll approach this intense subject and ways we can heal it as well.

We are all children of the Divine and we are all worthy. Let's look together at the remedy of how Love can heal these wounds.

In this live recorded video I'll share how I've moved out of shame and how we can inspire others to do the same.

Each of us has the remedy within and we have full access to it if we choose to heal.

We have been born for these times and we can be the SOUL-ution!

See you on the Inside,