Clear Your Karma, Regain Vitality And Carve Your New Feminine Path With This Mantra

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Ultimate Śakti Mantra

Mantra has been a vital part of my spiritual journey since I really started diving into the practice of yoga. The power mantra possess to calm and focus the mind as well as being a partner in manifesting your world is stunning. Śakti (generally written as shakti) mantras in particular call to the divine feminine power in universe. Most are related to a specific devi. The “ultimate” śakti mantra we will be working with today calls to the greatest śakti -- parāśakti . When we use this mantra it is like calling the Divine Mother herself on speed dial. She will answer the call with loving attention and offer the guidance we seek.

David Frawley is an expert in mantra and shared in his book, Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound and in a blog based on this book, that śakti mantras “project various aspects of force and radiance for body, mind and consciousness. They hold, resonate, and propel the Kundalini force in specific and transformative ways.”

I don’t know about you, but transformation is I’m always walking. Not because I don’t like myself the way I am, but because I love myself enough to be more aligned with my highest most radiant self!

[BTW Dr. Frawley wrote my favorite book on this subject and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this topic: Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy.]


How I Came to this Mantra

I learned this particular mantra last year on a Yoga Nidra Training Retreat in England with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. She usually combines this mantra with the great “Om Namaḥ Śivaya” to bring in a little of the masculine energy. Here’s a quick video link to her performing the mantra with the papa energy.

Today we will keep it simple and call in just the divine mother. The mantra is…..

How I Came to this Mantra

Written phonetically it sounds like: Om   pa - raa - shak - tya - ae   na - ma - ha

Generally translated it means “Om, Salutations to the Supreme Mother, the Energy and Power in All.” Para is the highest and the transcendental form of the Supreme Being. Śakti is the creative, active aspect of energy -- that energy which the physicists of modern times have proven connects all things. Parāśakti is the first śakti to evolve out of the pure consciousness of Śiva. She is the supreme spiritual energy of the world. She pervades all things, everywhere.

That is why we are going straight to the source today. Whatever is in your way, whatever you are trying to manifest or change in your life, whatever you want to achieve on your spiritual journey -- this mantra can help with.


Śakti is everywhere, but can you see her?

Śakti is everywhere, but can you see her?

When I need a shift in my own perspective and crave inspiration I often go to old Indian gurus and their writings. I find gems of wisdom I can bring into my life practically today. One such guru is Swami Sivananda. In his book, Tantra Yoga Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga he states that “One universal energy throbs in the heart of all, sees in the eyes of all, works in the hands of all and hears in the ears of all.”

Parāśakti is that energy that connects us all! Can you see her? She is the greatest and most pure form of śakti and thus contains all other forms of śakti. Accessing parāśakti is accessing highly concentrated and harmonious (sattvic) energy to guide you through your karmic patterns (smaskaras).  She’s like going directly to the sun for inspiration, for heat to burn through your samskaras, and for light to see clearly versus going to a light bulb in your table lamp for the same jobs. She is all the power we need.

Use this mantra to burn up your old patterns and clear your karma. When you start freeing up this energy you will feel like you are regaining your vitality and zest for life.


Practicing This Mantra In a Group or On Your Own

There are many ways you can practice mantra - aloud in a group or on your own, whispering it, or chanting silently. You can chant as an official practice with a mala for a certain number of repetitions, sing it as a kirtan from your heart or under your breath while you grocery shop. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to practice.  Honestly, you don’t even have to really understand the meaning of the mantra for it to do good work in your life.

Amma, a female guru from India, said that mantras have power even if you don’t understand the translation and that they should be “chanted with shraddha (loving faith) and love. Concentration also is necessary... Once you get into a bus or train, it will take you to the destination even if you don’t know who the driver is or which company manufactured the bus or train or from where the spare parts are available. It will drop you at the nearest bus or railway station, and from there it will be only a short distance to your home. Similarly, a mantra will carry you to the threshold of God-realization. From there you can easily reach the ultimate goal.”

God-realization may seem like a far off destination for many of us. In my opinion, realizing God or Goddess is seeing the divine in all things. Can you see that we are all deeply connected to each other and that the more we work on our own inner world it will reflect positively to improve our outer world? If God-realization doesn’t resonate -- don’t worry about the destination. Enjoy the journey and the ride. Mother Śakti and father Śiva will give us all we need to learn our highest purpose and do the most good in this life.




Now It's Your Turn

If this mantra resonates with you, create a practice around it. I like to do 40 day meditation devotions. Sit down in your sacred space, breathe, tap into your intention, chant one round of a mala (108 repetitions) or set a timer for a specific amount of time. Once you complete the japa (repetitions) sit quietly to soak in the vibrations of your meditation. Offer love and gratitude to Mother for her presence in your life.

If you devote a little time to this mantra every day, you’ll start to observe your life changing and shifting in subtle and not so subtle ways. It will be through your kṛyāśakti (conscious actions)  and your icchāśakti (will power to be the best you possible) that you continue to align with your highest self. You are worth it! Go out there and be your most vibrant self!


With great respect and love,