An Introduction to Manifesting with the Chakras

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Manifesting and chakras are both common topics in the yoga world. Today we are going to look at manifesting with the chakra system! Chakras are energy centers in your body aligned from the base of the spine to the top of your head. We will be looking at the seven primary chakras. Understanding the chakra system offers a new perspective of your life so that you can observe imbalances and work toward inner harmony.

Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman have a great way of looking at manifesting through the chakras in their book, Creating on Purpose.  (I’ve added a couple notes to this quote.)

“When you align your heavenly wisdom (7th chakra) with the love in your heart (4th chakra) and combine your future vision (6th chakra) with your unique skills and abilities, you can begin to drive your vehicle toward your destiny (3rd chakra), giving the gifts you have to offer for the benefit of all beings (2nd chakra). The Divine plan wants to be birthed into reality on earth – through you.”[1]

Manifesting on Purpose

In an earlier blog post about goals versus intentions we discussed how intentions are not goals, nor any particular outcome.  They are much bigger than that. It is something that leads to lasting transformation.

Goals are time oriented. They have an end point.  When you are goal oriented you create attachment to a specific end result.  The attachment creates conflict between who you are now in this moment and where you imagine you will be once the goal has been achieved. Goals can create tension and stress.  Goals focus on the future and take you out of the present moment.

Intentions on the other hand are timeless.  The process or journey is more important than what you get or when you get it. With a goal, what you hope to achieve is the focus. With intention, you are the focus.  You are already the person who possesses all you want to manifest (inside). If you want a loving relationship – be loving.  If you want a new job – be the person who fits into that job. If you want a new house – believe that you are worthy of that house.  Intentions keep you present and rely on wisdom and internal guidance. They are an act of co-creation.

Manifesting really is an inside job first and that will translate into your outer world. Intentional manifesting creates energetic alignment between what you think, say and do. The result is integration in your personal and professional life. According to Bill Eager in his book, Thrive Inside,

“Transformation occurs at a deep level where your subconscious mind accepts your intention. You give your intention over to your subconscious mind and your higher self. You become your intention and your intention moves you in the right direction without being confined by results.”[2]

Manifesting Through the Chakras

The chakra system is usually talked about as a path of ascension, spiritual transformation and freedom.  This path begins at the root chakra and climbs up to the spine to the crown chakra. The path of manifesting through the chakras works in the opposite direction. We bring universal, divine energy in through the crown and embody it to manifest it into our worldly reality.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned in my yogic studies and experiences and combined it with Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman’s wisdom for Creating on Purpose to outline my version of manifesting through the chakras.


  1. Manifestation begins in the sea of infinite awareness. Inspiration comes in through the crown chakra as an idea, dream, insight, message, guidance, etc. moves down into your consciousness. If it aligns with your dharma/life purpose you set an intention to make it happen.
  2. Next, bring it down into the brow center to contemplate it and imagine the possibilities.  Examine your beliefs to see if they align or will get in the way of fulfilling your intention. You eliminate internal conflicts.  You begin to see your idea as real in the future.
  3. The throat chakra is where you begin to express your idea with others to get support, feedback and inspire them to join you. You use conversation to catalyze the idea.
  4. At the heart center you will develop relationships that you’ll need along the way.  You’ll find others to work with, to serve and supply what you need.
  5. The solar plexus chakra is where your will and courage to move forward toward your desired objectives is found. Your personal power produces specific goals, objectives, projects, tasks, etc. You create plans to know how to deal with obstacles as they arise.
  6. You begin to see results as the energy moves to the sacral chakra.  These results fuel your passion.  Abundance flows. You are able to name what you want and attract what you need. Your daily actions (work) are emotionally fulfilling.  Passion sustains you.
  7. By the time you reach the root chakra your dream is fully materialized and realized. Your thriving vision brings value to you and others and it contributes to the world.[3]

Spirit into Matter - Ideas into Reality

Here is a more short-hand version of this process. Allow the process of manifesting through the chakras to happen both naturally and mindfully. Understanding the process helps you know where you are in your journey and where you can put your focus and energy.

Step 1 Crown Chakra Intention
Step 2 Brow Chakra Visualization
Step 3 Throat Chakra Communication
Step 4 Heart Chakra Relationship
Step 5 Solar Plexus Chakra Use will and energy to get things done
Step 6 Sacral Chakra Bring pieces of plan together in harmony
Step 7 Root Chakra Completion

Manifesting is the process of bringing the spiritual and the material together to create a good life for yourself, your family and your community.  Spirituality isn’t just in a church or your yoga class. It can and should be a part of your every day. This is a practice that makes the spirit real, tangible and viable.

See you on the inside,

Mindy Arbuckle