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Waking up the divine feminine changes everything

  • Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Blog by Mindy Arbuckle SOULutions Coaching

Living in alignment with the Divine Feminine is part of the global awakening that is going on right now. But it can be hard sifting through all the out of balance masculine social programming we have all been raised with. Yet, this one activation can absolutely change everything! It is moving out of fear, rigid structure, and force into love, trust, and spirit aligned actions.

Force versus Flow

As a youngster growing up I was a tom boy. I ran around in the summer with no shirt, I played in the mud and liked to help my dad in the shop. 

I learned from him how to persevere and make things happen. (Excellent skills BTW.)

I was really good at pushing my way through challenges and repressing feelings so I could get through to the other side. 

(Have you ever done that?)

What I wasn't good at was being in flow. 

I thought I was 'cause I could paddle my way upstream with my physical strength and mental determination.

But I was still fighting the current. 

As I moved into womanhood I practiced a lot of yoga and did the same things. I taught in very linear and strong ways. I pushed my way through so I could find "balance". 

But it wasn't balance. It was more ease than I had previously. But I was still forcing my way through.

(Again, you ever done that?)

Shakti Says Hello

Then it happened. 

One afternoon as I was meditating Shakti started moving in me. She was waking up. 

I didn't know what it was at first, "Who is this Divine Feminine and what does she want with ME?"

She was potent and creative and wanted me to break all the arbitrary rules--of culture and of my own making.


I had always felt her in there but had never been taught to explore my feminine. No one around me had tapped into her so there was no one to teach me that she was powerful, authentic, abundant, joyful, loving and so freakin' free.

Shakti Upgrades

Now, Shakti is a permanent part of who I am. 

I feel like a completely upgraded version of the woman I used to be. There is way less stress and even more smiles and hugs.

I can love the family I was born into more freely (which was hard to do for a long time considering all the shit I went through as the tie dyed sheep of my kin), I can open my heart to share love with this world, I have boundaries without walls, I rarely take on much stress and when I do I process it quickly, I sleep way better, my work is flowing through me into the world and I feel aligned with my highest self. 

I still have my ego who tries to keep me small. But, Shakti keeps her in check. 

Fear has nothing on me. I see it. I honor it and I move through it.

I am the limitless creatress of my world. 

Shakti Support

And this year I am here to help you awaken your Divine Feminine. To be the guide you likely didn't have either.

I'm starting off the year with a course we can all use: Manifesting with Shakti. It's so vital right now I'm offering it both in person and online for just $27. Classe are pm 1/10-In person and 1/17-Online.

Shakti helped me realize over the last couple of years what really works for her and that is guiding my offerings. 

Kirtan (sacred singing), healing crystals, energy work, sound, yoga, meditation, clean living ... all wake her up within so you can bring her into your life too. 

Other ways we can work together to awaken and align your feminine flow:

  1. My holistic SOULutions coaching helps you to clear the crap that's keeping you from waking up your divine feminine. Then activating her through mindful rituals, practices and an expanded heart-set.
  2. Crystal Chakra Energy Healing is offered both distance from anywhere and in person in Glenwood Springs, CO. It serves to clear densities and shed light on that which is ready to heal.
  3. And of course my amazing Organic Crystal Apothecary-Shakti SOULutions has lifestyle products to create more sacredness in your life. 
    1. New goddess line of products is coming out early this year!!! Super excited about it!

Interested in learning more about any of the above services? Learn more with the links and please set up a free 20 minute session to talk in person.

Here's to feeling the flow and power of the Divine Feminine in 2024!

Much love and gratitude,