I've had Covid...twice!!! Yet, from the impossible comes greater understanding

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I didn't even know getting Covid twice in six weeks was possible. But, it has happened. Which explains my absence. I have been either sick or recovering since Christmas!  But, with the impossible comes realizations! ‌

Whew! I really had to move into 2022 slowly and mindfully, making sure to take good care of myself and find ways to love myself even through these trials.

I did get some creative foundational work done like redesigning my website (check it out!), making some beautiful content to help you gain a deeper understanding of your energy and spirit, some interesting new blog posts, and fabulous updates and new healing crystals and items on Crystal SOULutions. Plus, I started teaching a weekly yoga class again!

It also gave me the opportunity to observe... a lot.

I noticed that I was feeling dull and uninspired at times and totally clear and juiced up at others.

I saw myself swinging back and forth between highs and lows.

I wanted to regain my center but at times it was so hard to do what was good for me: my spiritual practices.

Exhaustion does funny things to your mind, body and heart.

When you do regain a little verve, you feel motivated to get things done, let your creative juices flow and move.

Then you yo-yo back to having zero energy and all you want to do is binge on your favorite show.

I saw all of this happening and it took a deep inner resolve to come back into balance.

Emotional and energetic swings seems to be "normal" for us humans, especially women.

Yet, it is not our natural state of peace and harmony.

And just because we forget that does not make it ok.

So, I have resolved to help us get out of this funk.

Whether your swings come from physical dis-ease, taking on the energy of current events, emotions running wild or your mind playing tricks on you it is time for you to realize you are so much more than an imbalanced nut job who can't seem to get her shit together.

I get it. Waking up to the fact that things can be better sometimes feels hard. Like you are moving into uncharted territory...alone.

That's scary and makes you want to do a 180 and run back to your comfort zone faster than a cheetah on the hunt.

This time it is different. You aren't alone unless you choose to be. You've got me. And I am here with a big open heart, lived experience of waking up and living an expanded life.

I've been there, done that and know how to help you through the muck.



Moving into a third year of Covid has worn us all out in so many ways. Now is the time to change that!

I'm developing a fun intro course on the three fold energy of the gunas as we speak to help you understand the reasons why you keep swinging back and forth and how you start to find more balance.

Women are being called to go back to our roots, to trust our intuition, reclaim our authenticity and live our lives the way we were meant to. Which is why we need to strip back all the layers of conditioning and re-remember your natural light, passions and urges to embody the essence of who you truly are.

Join me Tuesday, March 1 at 6:00 pm MST via Zoom for this exploratory workshop.

You'll learn, connect and be able to ask questions live as well as have lifetime access to the recorded class.

I can't wait to see you there!

With great respect and love,



P.S. Curious to learn more about the gunas before registering? Read my recent blog post: The Three Gunas: Revealing Your Greatness.